Mission Statement

Our goal is to build an affordable net zero energy house with a low carbon footprint that is also aesthetically pleasing – to us that means a house with a soul, built in harmony and balance with the environment that will help nurture our creative spirit.   On our blog, we plan to document the process and share our ideas, dreams and challenges so that others may learn how they, too, can build an energy efficient home.

How we achieve this:

  • Create a simple design to enable an extremely tight envelope with particular attention to detail in the structural and functional aspects of the home.
  • Apply the principles of organic architecture and contemporary arts and craft aesthetics during the design process.
  • Employ the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle throughout the building and design process.
  • Minimize the environmental footprint in the construction of the home through little or no use of spray foam, foam board, etc.
  • Kindle the creative spirit through a well thought out design that incorporates optimal use of natural light, unique touches and hand-selected woods, many of which are harvested from the site.
  • Minimize energy requirements of the home, and ultimately the size of the solar array, through efficient living habits, lighting, appliances and HVAC systems.
  • Utilize local labor and products when possible with a commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality.

Five words to describe our vision for our home:

Peaceful (zen-like)